I want to gif the “Fine China” music video, but I’m too lazy right now lol :(

I just noticed Tinashe saw and reblogged my birthday post that I made for her yesterday. Nice!

Daily EXO: [TUTORIAL] For those who wish to go back to using the old version of Tumblr


This is for Google Chrome users, only.

1. Install the following: [1]. (It is perfectly safe)

2. Once installed, click on the small icon below:

3. Select ‘Internet Explorer 9’ (We know that you are using Google Chrome, but you still need to click on that).

You are now done. You will need…

I’m sitting here listening to the FutureSex/LoveSounds album preparing myself for JT’s new material *screams loudly on the inside*

I think my best memories from 2012 would have to be meeting Kat Graham and Rita Ora. Never would I have thought I’d meet a celebrity in my entire life. They both were so amazing and nice when I met them.

Ugh! Zayn’s face in that last picture I reblogged. Why is he so beautiful? I’m having all types of feels right now. Excuse me.

Tinashe reblogged the photoset that I made of her, I didn’t even notice. Yay!

nbcthevoice reblogged your photo

Nice! The Voice has officially found my tumblr page :)



@MalibuDollFace - His opinion on the new Aaliyah album.

I agree with EVERY word. 

PREACH! That is all I have to say. 

I basically just screwed up my page without even knowing lol. Good thing I checked it, so I could fix it.

I’m done making gifs from the “Function” video. It’s too hard for me to color and they’re coming out looking shitty lmao.

The “Function” remix video is a hard ass video to color. I’m sitting here like, “Yeah, I’m not about to make gifs from this video.” The colors are too ugly, they’re either too dark, too light or too dull. The ones I do make will be crappy as ever.

I have absolutely nothing to edit. I need something to edit and some inspiration.